The intention is to change the way everyday people access crypto currencies for commerce, so we can’t leave any stone unturned as the lash back from fiat governments, particularly that which is controlled by the federal reserve, could potentially be quite severe and ruthless.

For this reason we have opted not to fork our own coin due to issues distributing our own coin if we were to promote our mission and our platforms.

By removing the need for any associated ICO distribution, we forked SEC relevancy from overseeing our platforms and how they’re used, as CCB isn’t a ‘commodity’ it’s more of an unnatural, technological ‘resource’.

As long as we structure our platforms so they’re stand alone enough, then we’re not accountable, and therefore immune to any potential insidious techniques used on many other pioneers, if David Icke is right, whom seeked alternatives to the overly corrupted centralised fiat system. Our goal here, is that what we create will be 100% completely incorruptible.

And at the same time -

To protect local merchants who wish to safely pioneer our systems and trade in CCB, sustainably.

ER20 tokens, and many exchange driven distributed forks cannot enjoy the same simplistic usability and safety.

Why Not "ICO to Moon?"

The unofficial appropriation of CCB strategy was born from emerging necessity. SEC crackdowns are a risk for the future of many ERC20 tokens, as well as any ICOs distributed to wallets that were accessed by US based IP addresses.

The simple 'trust the buyer' disclaimer evident in many ICOs, requiring participants to fill out their “location” and asking whether they're located in the US or not is not going to fly as a magic loophole if the disruption is real enough.

Unfortunately for many ICOs, those that govern ICO securities are most likely going to continue to be those that govern traditional security offerings. We foresee an increased difficulty rating (pun?) quantified by zero leniency.

It’s speculated that the main reason the SEC has been hesitant to crack down on ICOs, is the combination of two elements:

  1. The SEC doesn't want to stifle progress.
  2. The SEC is collecting evidence, data and information they need, to enable swift and efficient operations when a crack down will no longer stifle progress.

The Time Is Right will be evidential as big players begin entering the space, who coincidentally followed all the rules and regulations of traditional securities (IPOs).

As a legitimate market develops, becoming expansive enough to withstand SEC crackdowns, those that didn't follow the rules will be shut down within the US. Watch the timing, as this clamp down won't dampen or deter the market as a whole from progressive adoption.

If this speculation comes to fruition many of the ‘little guys’ that couldn’t afford to enter the space traditionally, will get crushed.

The time is just about Right as Kodak have been building up to their own ICO.

And Kodak followed all the rules.

As the SEC simultaneously begins gearing up to come after exchanges registered within the US, it looks like it’s time to build something new using something old, today.

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