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    This is not about an ICO, please be clear on what’s happening here.
    This is about solving problems of centralised control.
    This isn't a proposition. Or display of ‘chops’.
    This is about platforms. Use cases.
    In the pudding proof cases.
    Adoption. Security.

Yes, lemons. Great for countering acidity of the body toward being more alkaline, lemons are also extremely durable and grow quite easily in moderate, dry climates. The path to decentralising that which does not require governance, begins with planting a lemon tree… anywhere you can.

CCB Will Be Like The Lemons, Were Lemon Trees Everywhere

This obscure analogy doesn’t signify CCB to be ‘a lemon’, as would be consistent as investment hyperbole. CCB will instead be an available resource, and a means to a more detoxified end. As citric acid ironically reduces acidity, CCB will reduce toxic capitalism (caused by inflation), while increasing conservative freedoms (stifled by over-regulating).

Also like the analogical lemons, CCB, the subject coin, is for all intensive purposes decentralised.


CCB is currently available on Cryptopia (and another exchange we cannot recommend).

Cryptopia has been well received globally, and recommendations were made to the ANAVA development team regarding test purchases of CCB being pursued through Cryptopia.

CCB will be available on more exchanges as the sub-community grows. ANAVA Will be in charge of implementing new wallets only where their APIs can integrate successfully.

Prospects Include

*There is strategic reasoning behind this preliminary selection of primary exchanges. Reading between the lines is certainly available.

Coin Exchange, Live Coin, Tidex will be the first exchanges to received propositions of future CCB nodes.

All products will form a decentralised collective, which sounds like a paradox in terms.

  • Seuva (Pay) - Payments Online (Plugin)
  • Seuva (POS) - Point Of Service (App Download)
  • Seuva X - Staking/Exchange (Anti-Volatility/Security)
  • Seuva Bank - Cold Storage Staking (Security)
  • Boring Mart - Necessity Access (Dynamic Use)
  • A Bit Grouped - Peer to Peer (Accessibility)
  • ANAVA Bot - Trading Bot (Anti-volatility)
  • Crypto Club X - Exchange - proposed (Fiat-Access)
  • Escrow Bit Co - Domains/Hosting proposed (Dynamic Use)

All products will contribute data to the trade protocols of ANAVA 1.0

ANAVA Briefly Explained

Reducing volatility as immediately as possible will support the safest adoption possible. Broadly dispersing CCB’s tradability range beyond alternate cryptocurrencies, and extending CCB pairing into non-perishables, and then later perishables, will support creating a truly sustainable decentralised peer to peer economy.

Growing and expanding that access, heading toward complete access, will reduce dependency on fiat currencies. The further the fiat dependency is surmounted, the greater and more extendable the effects will be, further reducing volatility, leading to a positive loop of increased exchange, adoption, underlying value, usability and overall reduced inflation.

Functional use cases, stimulated by competitive volatility fluctuations (ANAVA) will allow CCB to proceed beyond the “pump and dump” realm of Crypto, and place Crypto into the relatively unknown realm for crypto of “functional, usable, adoptable”.

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