Seuva is offering clients the first convenient cryptocurrency payment gateway plugin system for their e-commerce websites.

To ensure security within crypto transactions, Seuva has created an escrow system of commerce using CCB as the digital ledger of exchange. Connected through ANAVA, merchants transactions will be standardise based on the derivative currency of choice - for example $10USD worth of CCB as part of Seuva’s efforts to reduce volatility.

Seuva transactions happen between users much the same as they would in an exchange, with one user being credited while another is debited.

With one slight difference

Users will have the option to enter their payments into an escrow process, allowing purchasers security from unfulfilled orders to provide the same standard of security for their users that would otherwise be able to dispute transactions in traditional Swift or Paypal situations.

To offer security for merchants, Seuva has a review and vetting system in place, as well as a team that can investigate cases of false disputes which may be pursued by shady consumers looking to cheat online businesses.

Seuva will launch as a CCB driven Payment System in v1.0, before buying all CCB in exchange for Seuva Coin to prepare for v2.0.

v2.0 will synchronise with the release of Seuva Bank and Seuva coin.

For more information regarding the Payment Gateway, please visit Seuva.

(we do not represent Seuva and therefore all information herein should be taken as third party journalism regarding the Seuva Platform).

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