Boring Mart

Boring Mart is the technological brainchild and strategic backer of The Boring Initiative, which birthed the recent collectivised CCB related activities.

Those behind Boring Mart have recognised that the main contributor to excess economic waste is an inflationary, corrupted currency distribution, that’s poorly managed by self-interested fiat bodies of unnecessary bureaucratic waste.

Boring Mart is the front arm of The Boring Initiative, which proposes that a currency that ascends in value (requiring it to be limited) will incentivise those trading in this currency to make more informed, and more essentially sustainable purchasers.

CCB is cheap, so there is opportunity for everyone and anyone to get into the space before the period of financial elevation begins to dissipate.

Renewable energies will become paramount if not using electricity would be more valuable than wasting the trading currency on inefficient means of powering a home or automobile.

The sooner a user buys into Solar, the sooner they will stop wasting money on grid-energy. In such a model, the more sustainable options of solar will become cheaper in a way that is more obvious to the general public

For more information on Boring Mart and what they’re doing for the environment, and how they plan to help reduce the dependency on fiat currencies, please visit them at

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