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    Inderpaul Sookraj is poised as the next significant step in Crypto Adoption.
    The use cases are new. The problems are old. The solutions are real.
    Yes. We are building around an existing Crypto (CCB).
    But that's exactly why it's going to work.

We Are Solving the Problem of Volatility, Sustainably.

To pave the necessary road for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Welcome to Inderpaul Sookraj Crypto Club.

There are obvious problems with crypto preventing mass adoption. There are also simple yet effective remedies. Mass adoption while remaining in a decentralised market was always going to require a combination of technical, legal and visionary strategic initiative.

Economy Of Scale

Strategy is paramount for widespread adoption. In short, the CCB utility strategy combines the most advanced algorithm for market arbitrage in ANAVA, fundamental peer to peer market accessibilities through A Bit Bazaar’s online marketplaces, adoptive ease and accessibility with Seuva… and one hell of an association to expansion strategy in The Boring Initiative.

A fundamental precursor for executing The Boring Initiative was overcoming potential legal issues that advisors speculate will disrupt the disruptors.

In creating a mode of payment that’s disconnected from fiat governance in the realm of Crypto, there’s somewhat of an air of “going back to basics”. What’s new about CCB’s future-new adopted use cases, are the reasons why.

Crypto Payment Systems Needed to Be -
Legal, Secure, Anti-Volatility - Universally Compatible.

The solution was an open source, post-distribution ledger, That Wasn’t Bitcoin.


Beyond Legal Immunity

To kick things off, very in depth focus is given to the main obstacle that’s preventing utility of cryptocurrency as a means of commercial trading.

That problem before any other is volatility.

Multiple unaffiliated groups are loosely collaborating toward developing newly accessible means for resource acquisition, with one group’s primary focus placed on everyday people having every access to use cryptocurrency everyday.


Merchant confidence is paramount for mass adoption.

To guarantee the confidence needed, CCB had to actually work in models that couldn’t survive extreme volatility, and so - Crypto Club (CCB) was taken from the shelves and dusted off, revealing hidden scripture entitled everything that's needed.

ANAVA BOT of volatility

Functional, Convenient, Secure Transactions - Online and In Person.

The first anti-volatility, anti-legislation (that isn’t BTC) cryptocurrency - Crypto Club will emerge from useless s***coin, to take the position as the main driver of commercial adoption.

CCB from the beginning.

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