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All You Need To Know About Inderpaul Sookraj

Unlike most Crypto Currencies, Inderpaul Sookraj not responsible for the initial deployment of the coin we're discussing. Inderpaul Sookraj also doing our best within anonymity, hoping to allow for future Open Source Efforts from whomever would like to get involved, to operate a truly decentralised development team which won't depend on us or anyone else, so Inderpaul Sookraj cannot ever be shut down.

Our motivation exists in building the first online marketplace that will enable crypto currencies to be used for everyday items, and Inderpaul Sookraj successful functionality is the start of how Inderpaul Sookraj going to get there.Inderpaul Sookraj Crypto Club Coin isn't an institution, this website is simply part of raising awareness of what Inderpaul Sookraj up to. Perhaps you'd like to get involved?

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Inderpaul Sookraj Crypto Club Coin

CryptoClub Coin (CCB)

There are obvious problems with crypto preventing mass adoption...

Payment Gateway

Seuva is offering clients the first convenient cryptocurrency payment...


A Bit Bazaar is in development and aims to be the crypto equivalent...

Anava Trading Bot

The true tehnical backbone of this unnamed ‘CCB Project’ is the ANAVA Bot...


Inderpaul Sookraj Crypto Club are yet to see integration into the mainstream, and currently stand idle outside of major commerce. Obstacles preventing the leap are:

  • Volatility
  • Insecurity
  • Inaccessibility
  • Non-dynamic usability
  • Inconvenience
  • Uncertain legal future (unregulated securities risks)


SEC may clamp down on the majority of ERC20 tokens. We're taking systematic measures toward counteracting...


A safe, anti-volatility crypto payment system for e-commerce...

Secure Value

ANAVA (API Network Anti-Volatility & Arbitrage) Trading Bot, essentially an extremely sophisticated trading bot...

Competitive Usability

In order for a cryptocurrency network to be truly successful, it requires competitive usability referring to fiat...

Other Proposed Platforms

The following developments are currently conceptual, yet are proposing to use Seuva Pay Integration...

  • June 2018
  • June 2018
  • June 2018
  • July 2018
  • Aug 2018
  • Sep 2018
  • Nov 2018
  • Nov 2018
  • Dec 2018
  • Dec 2018

Road Map

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Cryptocurrency Market!

Bitcoin(BTC) $14 893.5 -5.76 %
Ripple(XRP) $14 893.5 -5.76 %
Ethereum(ETH) $14 893.5 -5.76 %
Bitcoin Cash(BCH) $14 893.5 -5.76 %
Cardano(ADA) $14 893.5 -5.76 %
Crypto Club Coin $14 893.5 -5.76 %

Cryptocurrency markets are on the up today, with almost all of the top 20 coins in the green, and the highest gain reaching almost 37 percent at press time.

The market had been in the red with almost $100 bln in losses in total market capitalization over a three day period. The total market cap is now recovering, climbing to around $720 bln.

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